FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.1)  Why you charge registration fees and than commence job search ? There are some placements that do not charge at all ?

---> Registration Fees or placement charges is a business related thing which differs from placement to placement. Though, we have experience in placement and quality management service , we do not have a strong financial support. In order to forward your resume to any organisation we have to study your profile , we need to make decision, is it suitable for the post. We have to make follow up of HR or management of the organisation. And this we have to do repeatedly every time for 15 months till time you get selected. It takes a lot of time on our side. If you want job on your own and with good group, you have to have consider our registration fees. It's too small compared to service we provide. As you pay us registration , we come to know how serious you are to find job. This is very very first requirement from us towards candidate. Consider this situation. A candidate without paying registration fees and a candidate with paid registration. Now I give call to both candidates. Chances are that, candidate with paid registration fees will look this as a opportunity for job. While without registration candidate may or may not attend the interview.  To incur all charges, we have to have some source of money. That's why we charge registration fees and placement charges. To give an example say any courier service which is older may give discounts to its customers as they are in business for a longer time and have a sufficient capital with them. On the other hand newly launched courier service can not give that much discount in its initial phase.

Hopefully after two years or so, we may not charge registration fees at all.

Q.2 )  Are all placements which charge candidates with registration fees or placement charges are sort of bogus companies ?

--> No. Not at all. Business policy depends on the background of placements. Bogus placements are easy to identify, by the way they do their transactions. Please refer to our 'placement service' page, which directs you to 'Quora' site to discuss the similar question.

Q.3 )  What should I do , if I come from Economical background class ?   

---> Regardless of caste and religion, if you are from economical background class as defined by Indian Govt. rules , you have to submit proof for it . Your registration fees will be zero in that case.

Q.4) I Have so much money spent on another placements earlier , but that money got wasted as placement never called me back. In fact I have to make calls to placements to remind about my job ,than why should I spend money again as a registration fees to your placement ?

--> We feel sorry you got deceived by such placements. But you are only responsible for that. You had not studied those placements properly before making registration. It's easy to identify such placement. If you know Marathi, Pls. go through my blog attached to VPQ page. There is one topic on this subject.

Yes , we do make registration with fees. But at the time promises to give back your fees if you received no interview call from us within 8 months. In fact, if we do not see opportunity to candidates, we do not make registration. Registration means bonding, so we have to have answerable for merely Rs 500/-. So it's good not to register those candidates.

Q.5) You are located in Ahmednagar, than how you can find job for us in our desired city or location?

--> We have contacts in many parts. We are trying to make contacts where we have reached yet. We are also trying to make tie up with organisations. But be sure, if we ask you for registration, it means we have already reached out there.

Q.6) Why you prefer your online presence only ?

--> This is simply because of COVID issue. We do not have separate office or place , as we do not want to meet personally for time being. But owner is available to those , who want to meet him personally in Ahmednagar provided he or she should take all covid preventative measures.

Q.7)  How may peoples are working in your placement ?

--> Being Proprietorship  firm only one person is owner of it. 

Q.8) Why 'earnings from referral ' all schemes are not explained in this web site only ? Why to email to get know ?

--> This is because , we would like to have interested peoples only for those schemes.

Q.9) Do really I can earn from your placement ?

--> Yes. Surely. Even if you earn Rs 1/- (Just giving example, You can earn Rs 1000/- to 10,000/- from our site periodically as per your work) we will deposit that Rs 1/- to your account.

Q.10) I can not see your 'urgent jobs' page properly ?

--> Yes it is observed that for some mobile hand sets, the page shows blank description . We are trying to solve this problem. If problem continues , format will be changed , so that all can easily see it.