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We have observed that many of candidates do not pay attention to their resumes properly. Resume/Bio data is first document that comes in hand of employer/HR department before you appear for an interview. Many eligible job seekers are not able to make it to interview because , they do not show in resume, what they are skilled or specialized at. We collect all that information by you by direct telephonic conversation and by separate form filling. We present it in a  resume by systematic organized way.                                                    


Are Placement and consultancy same words ? No , many placement services incorrectly use word 'consultancy' making both words like indicate same meaning. Many a times, a situation comes when we need proper guidance about career role. Our parents, friends are good source to guide but still they make decision by some views in mind. At that time, you need help of any independent reliable third party. As that third party don't recognise you personally, they do not have any good or bad view about you. They guide by their practical experience. Here comes our help. Just write your question to us on [email protected] 

We may try to give you solution at free of cost , but we may take time to reply you. You should not insists us to send reply immediately.


Expecting interview in coming days , or want to check your ability to face mock HR interview, we are there ! We conduct online HR interview and give rank to you mentioning your plus and minus points if any ! But good things come with some charges. Yes, It has charges. If you are interested to know ,please write to us on [email protected] 

Jobs outside india ( Only for age group between 18 and 25)

If you want to get some outside work experience and you have any technical education starting from fitter, electrician,welder or Diploma / Degree in any technical field (Except IT and Computer) , We can guide you how to reach there. It has charges. If you are interested pls write us on [email protected] ( With our partner company, you will get assistance for work visa and air tickets )


On your mobile ,you find various social platforms, saying refer to it your friend and take  x  amount as a reward. The same applies here also. But the theme is here more interesting. You will get to know about it if you are interested. No deposit  is required. You can earn by working  in home.  Various plans are available. If you are interested pls. write to us on [email protected]