Storage Boxes with attractive Look

Foldable  Smiley Bags (₹ 40 /Piece ,  ₹ 450 / Dozen)

Please have a look at the Video........

foldable bag.mp4

Storage Box

Storage Box.mp4

 Wallets at very reasonable prices... 

काश्याची वाटी ( ₹ 175 , ₹ 195)

Handy tool to make foot message comfortably. It removes excess heat from your body and make you comfortable. Just apply oil to foot and than rub it ...Specially made of metals that help to remove heat....

 Please go through the below videos to know how it works.

Attractive Jewellery Box Covers with reasonable prices ....

A perfect place to keep your jewellery set neatly arranged. How ? Just go through the following videos......

Jewellary kit.mp4
jb cover.mp4


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