Placement Service

  We are ......

We are located in Ahmednagar city, one of historical city in Maharashtra State ,India. As our logo goes, 'transparency' is of prime important to us. 

The working style in short ...

Enquiry >>> General interview >>> Registration >>>  Job interview call >>>> Interview

Registered members are given first priority to search job over non registration members. (Pls see above attached Process Flow Diagram in terse version)

We have our facebook page which gets updated from time to time as per new job requirements. This  facebook page is 'Varad Placement Way to find suitable jobs'. You may follow or like this page to get jobs and events update


It is highly recommended to go through FAQ (Frequently asked Questions) page to understand our view fully and 'Terms and Conditions' as well.


What  'Quora ' experts say @ fake placement services........

Working way of our Placement Service in form of Process Flow Diagram

Important :- We do not make any promises for 100 percent job. We just arrange interview calls depending upon vacancy available, your experience/skills/education etc. Your selection depends totally on interview.