Welcome to Registration page. A Page where we get connected for better future.

Registration to us serves two purposes. Only interested and needy persons come on this page and do their registration and we do not waste time and efforts on  those who are really not interested. Instead we would like to make efforts for our registered members only. The second purpose is to categorises candidates as per their education, experience and skill. 

Many placement emphasise on registration with fees at first place .But we do not. We first ask for your resume. Go through it completely. Than if we found it suitable than & than only we will contact you and ask you for registration. Fee for registration is Just Rs. 500/-( which is refundable, only if  (1) we do not give any call or (2) we do not give any attention to you after registration. The waiting period for any interview call is of eight months, means after that period, in above circumstances fees will be returned to you. For all other cases , it is non refundable.)  

Conditions for registration :-

A)   Your preferable job location - (City/State). And are you ready to locate to another city or state?

B)  Are you ready for job bonds if a company offers to you ?

C) Your present salary with salary slip photo.

But thinking on the same line further puts further questions.

If such thing happens, image of both placement and interviewing company will get damaged  / tarnished. So how company will get ready for such thing ?  

        We just charge mere Rs 500/- as a registration fees . Is it      possible to arrange fake interviews in such small amount?