Welcome to Registration page. A Page where we get connected for better future.

Registration to us serves two purposes. Only interested and needy persons come on this page and do their registration and we do not waste time and efforts on those who are really not interested. Instead we would like to make efforts for our registered members only. The second purpose is to categorises candidates as per their education, experience and skill.

Many placement emphasise on registration with fees at first place .But we do not. We first ask for your resume. Go through it completely. Than if we found it suitable than & than only we will contact you and ask you for registration. Fee for registration is Just Rs. 500/-( which is refundable, only if (1) we do not give any call or (2) we do not give any attention to you after registration. The waiting period for any interview call is of eight months, means after that period, in above circumstances fees will be returned to you. For all other cases , it is non refundable.)

Conditions for registration :-

  1. We do not make registration of all applicants . If your resume does not meet employer/company/HR/Organisation requirement , or resume produced is shabby in nature, we do not make registration. We keep those resume aside safely for a while. In that case, we do not make any correspondence by email or phone and you should also not ask us by mails about status of your registration. As you are not paid us, we are also not bond to answer you in that case. Those who will follow us for registration continuously , we may block his/her email address, phone number.

  2. We do not provide service for Jobs in BANKS, FINANCIAL INSTITUTES AND IT SECTOR.

  3. If we found your resume suitable for registration and for further processing , we will inform you by email within maximum a month. If you wish to go further, you will inform us to make registration. You will have to pay Rs.500/- either by online banking(IMPS / NEFT /RTGS ) or by cheque addressed to our placement. All details will be send to you by email. Your registration will be made and unique registration number will be send to you.

  4. The best way for registration according to us is face to face meeting. But because of Covid , we opt to remain online only for a year. But for residents of Ahmednagar city, it is easy to verify our physical presence. If any one wish to go through our placement registration with local body, upon request, we can display that information.

  5. Further we will ask some questions or communicate you.

  6. Your registration does not mean you will get interview call immediately. It may take days, weeks or even months to get interview call. Here also , you should not call us or follow us to get interview calls. But as a registered candidate we will be in touch with you. Please bear in mind that we do not give job guarantee after registration nor we make promises for high salaried jobs. Registration is simply process of starting job search for you by placement service. The jobs availability in service/manufacturing industries , Your expectations , Your job /experience profile , your job location preference are all factors , that decide your waiting period.

  7. We keep your resumes safe. If you did not receive any communication from us for a very longer time say Eight months or more, you may tell us to forward your resume to another placement. After your consent only your resume will be forwarded to a placement for which we have obtained your permission. You will given back your registration fees. Unless and until you tell us to forward your resume , your resume will be retained safely. Once we forward your resume to any placement services, we are not responsible to your transactions/dealings to that placement.

  8. Transparency is the our main asset, we are aware of that. So all transactions , dealings should be crystal clear to both of us. We do not believe in or indulge in 'unfair practices' to get job somehow to our registered candidates.

  9. Even though if company selects you for a job, it's in your hand to make decision of joining. You should make decision by taking into account pros and cons. Once you join any organisation , and in hurriedly you gave up job immediately without consulting to any one, your payment will be hold and we will be not responsible for it. Such a behaviour will automatically cancel your registration with us. We expect you to remain transparent and inform us your decision.

  10. We assume information provided in your resume is correct. in case we found 'forged resumes' your registration will be terminated immediately. No registration fees will be paid back.

  11. While sending your resume , you should mention following three points in email to us.

A) Your preferable job location - (City/State). And are you ready to locate to another city or state?

B) Are you ready for job bonds if a company offers to you ?

C) Your present salary with salary slip photo.

  1. We would like to insist you to confirm our physical location by asking any friend/relative/or any contacts residing in Ahmednagar city.

  2. If you get selected for any job , we will get charges from that organisation. In that case, you will pay nothing to us. But if company/Organisation has no such policy , you will have to pay placement charges to us. At the time of interview call, you will be given all details about it. We are not disclosing it here as it varies from category to category and job to job. You will get all information before you attend any interview call. So it's in your hand to attend interview or not. After your confirmation only, we will finalize you for an interview.

  3. In case if you show readiness to attend interview but you failed to attend it , and you even not bothered to inform us earlier , your registration will be terminated. No fees will be returned back.

  4. To attend any interview , you must have to make registration by paying Rs 500/-. In case if you get only one interview in a 15 months , your registration will be carried forward for next 15 months without again paying Rs.500/- for next term.

  5. Registration is valid for 15 months from the date of registration. After 15 months , you will have to renew it by paying registration fees.

  6. Once candidate gets selected for an organisation, his job security will be dependant on his attitude and the organisation decision. We do not interfere at any stage after your selection nor do we have any authority to do so. Any disputes / disagreement with company management or with the owner is simply candidate's responsibility and our role ends with your selection and completing our commercial terms.

  7. WE NEVER ARRANGE DUMMY/FAKE INTERVIEWS AT INTERVIWING PLACE.. Some may think that placement along with help of interviewing company may conduct dummy interview in order to collect money. This concept or thinking may be correct with IT / Very HI-FI Companies where placement collects huge registration fees.

But thinking on the same line further puts further questions.

If such thing happens, image of both placement and interviewing company will get damaged / tarnished. So how company will get ready for such thing ?

We just charge mere Rs 500/- as a registration fees . Is it possible to arrange fake interviews in such small amount?

  1. If you get selected , than we may ask you for Post dated cheque to get our charges. Post dated cheque dates should contain dates from your first payment date upto next seven days only. This clause is applicable only if company has no policy to pay to placement service. If company pays our charges , no placement charges will be applicable to you.