Resume/Biodata Writing

Resume and Bio data  are the first things to go to under scrutiny . As you might know, resume is mainly summery of your previous work ,experience in your field. While Bio data is more than just work experience .As a person how you are, one can guess partially by going through your bio data. Many professions need bio data , but not all. So we have to decide how much information and what information we are going to be write in document called resume. Sometimes too short information create picture you are hiding something and on the other hand too much information makes your resume/bio data lengthy. We have to make perfect balance in between.  It is the first document in your communication to the company or any organisation. In order to arrange  an interview employer/HR department goes through your resume. So we should have good resume with us. Most importantly, many a times  your interview begins only by referring to your resume. So you should always highlight your strong points in a gentle way. That's what we do in resume rewriting. We collect all required information from you and make a new resume in a such way ,so that your resume will look better from professional point of view. 

We prepare following types of resume/Bio data as per price slots.

(For just pass out or waiting for exam results, Final year students, Externally doing courses or Pursuing exams )

('VPQ Make' type is our brand. Your resume looks more impressive. It means easy to read and understand, giving information in correct manner. Looks well written and attentive. By going through it ,one can not easily ignore your resume for an interview. ) 

    ( This type of resume is aesthetically looking very nice. To write a resume , we take help of software's.)

If you are interested pls send your response on [email protected] 

(For all our registered candidates ,  discount of 20 % is applicable if they want to avail this facility.)